Young and Wren wines was born out of pure passion for wines. Wine flows inside it’s winemakers blood. The wines made by them are often described by the wine lovers as having so much ‘life’ with fruit bursting out of the glass with freshness, concentration and elegance, which bringing a whole new concept of wine to the palate.
Michael Wren, as a wine maker himself, inspects vineyards across multiple famous wine regions across Australia to ensure they are obtaining the best grapes for every level of their wines every year. From large scale production to very small, super premium boutique batches, Michael prides himself on attention to detail, making sure every wine reaches its full potential.

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Weather, soil and climate are the key environmental factors. Region, one word which captures the myriad of environmental and cultural influences in growing grapes and making wine. The importance of regional ties to the climate, soil and grape varieties is at the core of terroir. Climate provides the most identifiable differences in wine styles for nearly all wine drinkers


Our talented Winemaker Michael loves wine. He loves walking through the vineyard, crushing the grapes, tasting the ferments, blending and bottling the wine. He loves having long discussions with other winemakers on the different approaches to making wine. He is in love with collecting, drinking wine, reading wine magazines and books. For him, the mystery of wine is its endless complexity, which makes him fall deeper and deeper in to the world of wine. He shows us that wine-making is beyond a hobby or a job, it’s an obsession.

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